Digitalization and Digital Transformation

Digitalization is quickly becoming one of the most important battlegrounds for business innovation. Operating models are being redrawn for consumers, employees and business partners alike. This puts enormous pressure on CIOs to determine whether digital solutions are ready for the enterprise. In the push for usability, however, ideas like reliability, security, performance and maintainability should not be forgotten. Every business should be exploring how it will operate when location constraints are obliterated. Every CIO should have a clear vision of a world in which every customer, worker and supplier is hyper-productive, hyper-available and hyper-engaged.

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  • Icon service engineers will assist in the implementation of the “The Real Service Models” required for digitalization
  • Icon will analyse the cost drivers and services, which impacting the business most in terms of cost and revenues
  • Icon capture and digitalize any service, by assembling them with building blocks and components


Opportunities in Digitalization: Customer analytics, Big Data, partnership with companies and service innovation can bring major opportunities in digitalization of processes

Implementing technologies

such as smart scanning to reduce manual data entry and repeat inputs in various systems , cutting turnaround times and providing automated notifications to clients for key process junctions. The Nexus of Forces — mobile, social, information and the cloud — will fundamentally change the nature and requirements for decision making.

Deploying Customer analytics and Big data

for a better customer experience, customized service offerings as well as for risk and security analytics. The role of technology will go much further than automating existing processes to enable the digitalization of the processes, creating value through capturing, analyzing and executing on the available data.

Digital transformation

by partnering with Intermediaries and specialized companies. Digitalization of the processes will reshape the employee-employer relationship and offer a new social-network-based approach to talent management.

Service innovation

via co-creation and crowd-sourcing. Ensure that any new technology investment goes beyond automating existing processes to support dynamic and strategic analysis, and decision making, to enable the digitalized value chain.

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